Russia to conduct a one-time census of the Amur tiger population

The ISS plans to conduct more than 100 experiments in the next four years

More than 21 thousand covid patients were detected in the Russian Federation per day for the first time since the end of December

Publications on financial literacy appeared in the list of school textbooks

Roscosmos and NASA are consulting on the extension of the ISS operation

Ryabkov saw no reason for a new round of talks with the United States

The State Duma will not approve the introduction of QR codes until early February

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Shoigu told Putin about the tasks performed by the peacekeepers in Kazakhstan

Russophobe Kazakh minister Umarov appointed Russian deputy

Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the Russophobic statements of the new Kazakh Minister Umarov

President Tokayev’s chess game

Ingush official apologizes to Kadyrov over apology to Ingush

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The expert called the US biolaboratory in Alma-Ata a threat

CSTO forces in Kazakhstan became a challenge and a blow for Turkey

Possible whereabouts of Nazarbayev named

The project of US sanctions against Putin and his entourage was called a “game”

Problems arose with a request to the Constitutional Court on the indexation of pensions for workers

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Laying flowers in memory of Zelensky in Moscow

Bloggers should be held accountable along with the media – Bastrykin

Shoigu said that the withdrawal of peacekeepers from Kazakhstan will end on January 19