The US Treasury warned foreign banks against helping Russia to circumvent sanctions

NYT pointed to the risks for the United States in the boycott by countries of the summit of the Americas

The Foreign Ministry revealed what will determine the response to Finland’s accession to NATO

Chinese ships entered the zone to the Senkaku Islands disputed with Japan

HRC member Andrei Babushkin dies

Biden misspoke and named Kamala Harris President of the United States

Scholz called the only option to lift sanctions against Russia

The Ministry of Defense reported on the destruction of Ukrainian drones and Smerch shells

Putin called Finland’s refusal of neutrality and joining NATO a mistake

British Foreign Secretary rules out intention to ‘change regime’ in Russia with sanctions

Lavrov announced the total hybrid war declared by the West

Georgia declares non-recognition of referendum in South Ossetia

Kadyrov announced the sending of more than 600 volunteers to Ukraine

Lavrov accused the West of “direct robbery” of Russia

Turkey says it has not “closed the door” to Sweden and Finland in NATO

Turkey proposes to evacuate wounded soldiers from Azovstal by sea

Publico learned about the arrest in Portugal of Abramovich’s house worth €10 million

Zakharova called Western sanctions the reason for the rise in food prices in the world

Finland says they are ready for Russia’s response to joining NATO

Canadian authorities have declared their readiness to help export grain from Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense announced the interception of the Ukrainian “Tochka-U” in the Sumy region

Medvedev said that Russia “doesn’t care” about non-recognition of the G7 borders of Ukraine

Turkish Foreign Minister Says Turkish People Are Against Sweden’s NATO Membership

Shoigu held talks with the head of the Pentagon for the first time since the beginning of the special operation

Latvian Foreign Ministry blacklisted Pankratov-Cherny and 101 other Russians

Deputies of the Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly complained about Vladimir Solovyov

Why Russia changed its position on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union

Russia will use the bioweapons convention in the situation with Ukraine

Aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit three command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine