The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of a new batch of equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Pushilin told the location of the prisoners from Azovstal

Medvedchuk testified against Poroshenko

The State Duma proposed to limit the terms of the possible dismissal of mayors

The Foreign Ministry allowed the exchange of prisoners from Azovstal with Ukraine

Peskov appreciated the possibility of exchanging Medvedchuk for fighters from Azovstal

Foreign Ministry received Italy’s plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine

Peskov: the global food crisis may occur due to sanctions

Now to Kamchatka. “Garden of Memory” pitched on Sakhalin

Court in Ukraine sentences Russian military to life imprisonment

The psychologist explained why it is dangerous to pay a child for good grades

The Ministry of Health spoke about the purchase of drugs for the national vaccination calendar

Zaporozhye schools will teach according to Russian education standards

Sobyanin: the construction of the eastern section of the BKL metro is 77% completed

What kind of electronic warfare “Khibiny” that makes aircraft invisible is used in Ukraine?

What kind of strategic Okhotnik UAVs will be adopted by the Russian army?

Long term weather forecast for June 2022

The Foreign Ministry saw in a special status for the Poles “the legalization of the seizure of Ukraine”

Reuters learned about the request of 4 EU countries to send Russian assets to Ukraine

Evkurov’s nephew, who died in Ukraine, was buried in Ingushetia

The court allowed the arrest of Yanukovych for the agreement on the Russian fleet in the Crimea

Time included Putin and Zelensky in the ranking of the most influential people in the world

The Ministry of Health announced problems with the purchase of medical devices

Kazakhstan denied blocking assets of Russian banks

Kissinger did not see an opportunity for Ukraine to become a “neutral bridge”

Moscow will take patronage over Donetsk and Lugansk

Biden’s first Asian tour was marked by attacks on China

The State Duma announced the imminent consideration of the issue of depriving Rashkin of his mandate

The former “Russian House” in Davos was occupied for an exhibition of Ukrainian photographers