Lavrov announced that there is no alternative to the position on the export of grain from Ukraine

“Islandization”: Peskov proposed a new development strategy for Russia

Rector of Moscow State University announced the adoption of a decision on the system of higher education

The law on tax deductions for SZPK participants was adopted by the State Duma

Donbass schools will switch to Russian educational standards from September

What is known about the Osa air defense system, which sank a speedboat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

In Primorye, the court will consider a lawsuit against H&M about discrimination

The Duma supported the amendments on free meals for disabled schoolchildren

What air temperature in summer can cause climate stress?

New dacha amnesty: what will land owners be able to do until 2031?

The State Duma in the first reading approved the reduction of the bureaucratic burden on teachers

Pranksters Vovan and Lexus commented on the blocking of their YouTube channel

Which Russian universities are recognized as the best according to RAEX in 2022?

Pelageya’s ex-husband married his new wife

“Mosvodostok” after reports of white foam on Chermyanka did not find pollution

The EU urged to check the origin of grain supplied by Russia

Putin called the differences between a sovereign state and a colony

Putin said that it fell to the lot of Russia to “return and strengthen”

Moldova adopted a project on the absentee withdrawal of funds from those who fled the country

The State Duma proposed to ban rallies near schools and government buildings

Gerasimov discussed Ukraine with the head of the French General Staff

Erdogan announces he is running for president again

Zelensky imposed sanctions against Putin, Shoigu and Lavrov

The Foreign Ministry saw the threat of a clash due to the “militarization of the information space”

Putin named one of the main areas of impact on the Russian economy

The head of the European Commission called the moral duty of Europe to restore Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine appreciated the strengthening of the coast “Neptunes” with “Harpoons”

London called the verdict on the British in the DPR a fictitious justice

Rector Bublik compared the Bologna education system with a “cesspool”

Kadyrov reported on the “deficit” Western weapons abandoned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the flight