Moskalkova announced the letter of the Red Cross to Kyiv about Russian sailors

NATO has identified Russia as a “major security threat”

Petersburg explained the restriction of access to the exhibition about the battles for Mariupol

Sweden and Finland received an invitation to join NATO

Zelensky compared NATO policy to turnstiles in the Kiev metro

Syria decided to recognize the DNR and LNR

A mined bridge across the Irpin exploded after a lightning strike

A military expert told how the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the cost of their lives saved the Russian landing in Gostomel

Peskov called the statements of the head of the British Ministry of Defense about Putin “rudeness”

NATO began to prepare for a confrontation with Russia in 2014

Kadyrov: “Advanced” military units of the Russian Federation have already entered Lisichansk

NATO has turned Ukraine into a “dump” of obsolete weapons

“Bow before the tyrant”: Swedish Kurds condemn Turkey’s deal with NATO

Mass media that allowed discrediting the army will be given a period for correction

Guests of the NATO summit in Madrid were surprised by the “Russian salad” for 8 euros

Switzerland urged to stop the policy of blockade and sanctions against Russia

Turkey won the conflict in Ukraine

The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO returned the Baltic to the “pre-Petrine times”

Named the consequences of Norway’s ban on passing cargo for Russians in Svalbard

A lawyer who knows a Moroccan sentenced to death in the DPR assessed his psyche

The Public Council visited the recruiting center of the Northern Fleet

The ex-mayor of Kherson Kolykhaev was accused of undermining security: “Adapter and beast”

The Ministry of Defense proposed to keep the former salaries of the shell-shocked military

Western media smashed G7 leaders for “failed” initiatives

Putin conquered Ashgabat with his saber

The news about the exchange of 144 prisoners was vigorously discussed in social networks

LPR officer appreciated the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to replace Tochki-U with American missiles

Zelensky’s adviser called the shocking amount needed to restore Ukraine

Media: China has reduced the supply of goods to Russia by almost 40%