Nizhny Novgorod fair: history in photographs

The scientist apologized for the joke with a photo of a sausage under the guise of a snapshot of a star

In Russia, 19,974 new cases of COVID-19 infection were detected per day

France forms anti-crisis headquarters to combat record drought

North Korean Foreign Ministry calls Pelosi’s visit to the border with Korea a manifestation of hostility

The pro-Russian authorities of Kherson announced their withdrawal from the jurisdiction of Kyiv

Volodin recalled that only the United States used nuclear weapons

Blinken warned about the consequences of ending cooperation with China

Trump thinks Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is stupid and calls it ‘China’s dream’

Putin after talks with Erdogan met with Kadyrov

Operation “Dawn” and the escalation between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The main thing

China announces new firing exercises

Europe has solved the problem of gas shortages: a country friendly to the Russian Federation will provide record deliveries

Russian Armed Forces destroyed a platoon of MLRS “Alder” and HIMARS in the Kharkiv region

Hockey referee Sergei Karabanov passed away

Kursk Governor reported an attempted sabotage at a military airfield

Borrell invited the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to Brussels for talks

Erdogan invited Putin to meet with Zelensky in Turkey

Azerbaijan increases pressure in Karabakh

An attempt was made on the deputy head of the administration of Nova Kakhovka

Bulgaria will continue to issue visas to Russians, but will increase the processing time

Erdogan confirms agreement to pay for Russian gas in rubles

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the demand of the Ambassador of Ukraine to return the property of the USSR populist

Amnesty International defended the report on the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Taiwan says at least 20 Chinese warplanes are approaching the island

The deputy head of the CAA of the Kakhovka district was put in intensive care after the assassination attempt

The Russian Foreign Ministry called for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip