Exhibition of captured Ukrainian weapons

Buryatia introduced mandatory wearing of masks indoors and in transport

The site of United Russia was subjected to a powerful DDoS attack

Grain is taken into account. A record wheat harvest is predicted in Russia

The government has returned the mask regime in the White House

China will take part in the Russian exercises “Vostok-2022”

Putin urged Avdeev not to assume that “men drink and will continue to drink”

Israel and Turkey restore diplomatic relations in full

The head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry ruled out the cancellation of previously issued visas to Russians

Ukrainian Telegraf announced a possible change of commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Britain considers Russian maneuver at the Holy Nose dangerous

In Kherson, they advocated a single referendum in the regions under the control of Russia

Mishustin instructed to allocate 1 billion rubles. for the development of LNG equipment

The Black Sea Fleet called gossip data on the appointment of a new commander-in-chief

Estonia closes border for trucks in Narva for three months

In Kazan, they came with searches to seven journalists

Deripaska sues Navalny over Lavrov investigation

Georgia demanded to introduce a visa regime for Russians

Lukashenka advised his subordinate to hire cats

Vučić says Serbia does not need Russian military bases

Vučić rejects Serbian military operation in Kosovo

Trophies taken from the Armed Forces of Ukraine were shown in Patriot Park

Tajikistan and Uzbekistan accused of transferring US aircraft to Ukraine

Named expectations from the meeting of Zelensky, Guterres and Erdogan in Lviv

Nuclear shells for artillery were first shown at the Army-2022 forum

Ukraine and Latin American countries: what is common

Armenian Russophobes falsely accused Moscow of blowing up Surmalu

“Thank you, we haven’t started cutting yet”: the Baltic states are squeezing out the Russians

Brits are switching to reusable toilet paper