The Bundestag stripped ex-Chancellor Schroeder of part of the privileges for ties with Russia

Kiriyenko said that the regions will “take patronage” over the regions of the DPR and LPR

Erdogan’s party invites NATO to fight terrorism

Beijing called on NATO and the EU for a comprehensive dialogue with Russia

US Senate votes to approve $40 billion in aid to Ukraine

Lukashenko announced the purchase of Iskander and S-400 missiles from Russia

Macron did not rule out the spread of the conflict in Ukraine to Moldova

G7 countries will create a “grain” alliance against Russia

It became known who will be the owner of the McDonald’s business in Russia

Putin’s aide predicted global famine

Senator Klishas said that the import substitution program in Russia has failed

Khusnullin predicted the future of Zaporozhye in a “friendly Russian family”

Welt reported that Kuleba “lost his temper” in a conversation with the Minister of Germany

Khusnullin demanded payment from Ukraine for supplies from the Zaporozhye NPP

The Kremlin decided to keep the direct election of governors

Nebenzya rejected the discussion of the export of fertilizers in exchange for Ukrainian grain

The EC promised to decide the fate of the assets of the Russians under the laws of the EU countries

Croatian president urges to prevent Finland and Sweden from joining NATO

In Zhytomyr, they promised to remove the Russian language from the school curriculum from September

The Kursk governor announced the shelling of the village and the village near the border

The French Foreign Ministry said that NATO and the EU do not want to fight with Russia

UN Secretary General urged to allow products and fertilizers from Russia to world markets

The head of the DPR considered more than half of the houses in Mariupol to be demolished

Musk called the Democrats a “party of division and hatred”

Moldova opens criminal case against ex-president Dodon

Politico learned about the “cooled momentum” of the supply of MLRS from the United States to Ukraine

The US saw a chance to remove Turkey’s fears about Finland and Sweden in NATO

Erdogan rules out approval of Sweden’s NATO membership without extradition of PKK fighters