Turkmenistan will meet Putin with 47-degree heat: the Caspian “five” will meet

The commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Volyn” in Russian captivity was given a broom and a dustpan

Kaliningrad industrialist proposed to introduce a naval blockade of Lithuania

A monstrous line for gasoline in the defaulted Sri Lanka hit the video

“Riding is a pleasure.” The most beautiful road in the Russian Federation is being improved under the national project

What kind of robot dogs “Spot” will be used in Ukraine for demining?

The State Duma adopted a law on the handling of secondary raw materials

Putin banned the creation of biosphere polygons in the zone of biosphere reserves

Will the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, which we celebrate on July 8, be a day off?

What kind of unmanned attack helicopters are they planning to produce in Russia?

Airbnb fined 2 million rubles for refusing to localize data

What kind of nuclear submarine “Krasnoyarsk” first entered sea trials in the White Sea?

What kind of light off-road vehicles “Sarmat” did the Russian special forces get in Ukraine?

Arrested “superyacht Kerimov” arrived in California

Foreign Ministry recommended not to visit Estonia due to “hostile attitude”

The State Duma reported that some of the captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being held in Russia

Macron and Scholz said that the G7 will continue to increase pressure on Russia

Scholz ruled out the lifting of sanctions without a “just peace” between Russia and Ukraine

Macron did not agree with the proposal to declare Russia a sponsor of terrorism

Investigative Committee reported that Safronov’s lawyer was detained in the case of fakes about the army

Deripaska spoke about the “opposition retreating from Russia”

Deputies of Sevastopol deprived Kuchma of the title of honorary citizen of the city

Court in Kyrgyzstan acquitted ex-president Atambayev in riot case

Roskosmos published images of “decision-making centers” for the NATO summit

Putin arrived in Tajikistan

The governor of the Pskov region announced the death of two soldiers in Ukraine

Lithuania banned gas imports from Russia, except for transit to Kaliningrad

Macron called the rise in energy prices in the EU a shock