Russia will not appoint a new permanent representative to the EU in the near future

Oil, steel, diamonds, caviar and vodka from Russia will fall under EU sanctions

Bloomberg did not see the EU’s readiness to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons

The largest oil trader spoke about the US plan to replace Russian oil in the EU

Putin dismissed Chizhov from the post of permanent representative to the EU

EUobserver learns about EU plans to ban Rossiya 1, NTV and REN TV

Putin said that the EU did not respond to the proposal to transfer fertilizers

Media: Kazakhstan began to detain Russian trucks with goods from the EU

Ex-CIA adviser: EU in the fight against Russia faced an unusual problem

Berlusconi called for the EU to become a “world-class military power”

Norway warns of worsening EU crisis with gas price cap

Finnish Foreign Minister allowed a complete EU ban on issuing visas to Russians

FT learned about US and EU plans to put pressure on Turkey over Mir cards

Putin’s ultimatum forced the EU to back down

The Czech Republic declared Hungary “on the edge of the abyss” and allowed its exit from the EU

EU finance ministers approve €5bn aid to Kyiv

The media reported on the imminent capitulation of the EU to Russia

EU countries bordering Russia decided to restrict the entry of Russians

The German Defense Ministry ruled out sending EU troops to Ukraine

Estonia proposes EU to introduce new sanctions against Russia

Borrell doubted the decision of the EU on a complete ban on the issuance of visas to Russians

France and Germany will support the continuation of the issuance of EU visas to Russians

Daily Express: Russia could deal a death blow to the EU on September 2

FT learns of EU readiness to suspend visa agreement with Russia

The Czech minister saw the risk of a revolution in the EU due to the energy crisis

The Czech Republic proposed a compromise on EU visas for Russians