FT learns that Orban invited the EU to postpone the discussion of the oil embargo

Reuters learned about the request of 4 EU countries to send Russian assets to Ukraine

The President of Poland promised “not to calm down” until Ukraine joins the EU

Borrell announced the depletion of EU military stocks due to support for Ukraine

Borrell called for the creation of the armed forces of the EU

The French Foreign Ministry admitted that Ukraine’s accession to the EU will take up to 20 years

Berlusconi invited the EU to persuade Kyiv to accept Russia’s terms of peace

Hungary proposed to the EU to impose a ban on offshore oil supplies from Russia

Nebenzya suspected the EU of accumulating grain instead of exporting to poor countries

Beijing called on NATO and the EU for a comprehensive dialogue with Russia

The EC promised to decide the fate of the assets of the Russians under the laws of the EU countries

The French Foreign Ministry said that NATO and the EU do not want to fight with Russia

CNN learned about the development of US and EU routes for the export of Ukrainian grain

Euractiv announced the approaching limit of EU sanctions against Russia

Bloomberg learned about the EU plan to buy gas from Russia without violating sanctions

Russia announced a change of position on the issue of Ukraine’s accession to the EU

Bloomberg learned about the discussion in the EU of the postponement of the embargo on Russian oil

FT learned the cost of the EU’s refusal from Russian energy carriers

Mordashov challenged the decision to impose sanctions against him in the EU court

Borrell ruled out the possibility of the EU to become a mediator in negotiations with Kyiv

Politico learned about the development in the EU of the possibility of confiscation of assets of Russians

UN criticizes EU decision not to invite Russia to conference on Syria

France allowed the introduction of the EU embargo on Russian oil “this week”

DPA learned about the EU’s refusal of sanctions on the transportation of Russian oil

Kyiv handed over to the EU the last part of the questionnaire for joining the union

Bloomberg learned about the EU plan to reject the ban on the transportation of Russian oil

Erdogan urges EU to “write a new history for itself”

Macron said that Ukraine’s accession to the EU will take years

List of EU concessions on sanctions against Russia published