Blinken did not see the risks for Europe due to the leak in Nord Stream

Lukashenko said that the United States is pushing Europe to confront Russia

Putin called on Europe to lift sanctions from Nord Stream 2, “if it’s impatient”

Kneissl called “liberalization” the cause of the energy crisis in Europe

The Baltic countries have decided to close the Russians travel to Europe

Named the country that overtook Russia in gas supplies to Europe

The Kremlin has linked the protests in Europe with the absurd decisions of the authorities

Gazprom played on the requirements of Siemens and signed a “verdict” to Europe

Hackers sell data of Europe’s largest arms manufacturer

Macron announced the end of abundance in Europe

Panther manufacturer announces plans to deliver 500 tanks to Europe

The political scientist explained why Europe no longer imposes sanctions against Russia

Downpours and hurricane wind hit Europe after drought, there are victims

Drought in Europe

Podolyak compared negotiations with Russia with the defeat of Europe

Bloomberg: Sanctions against Russia again hit Europe’s energy security

Europe paid for Russia for pumping oil through the territory of Ukraine

Estonian Prime Minister urged to deprive Russians of the “privilege” to visit Europe

Finland threatens holders of Finnish visas for traveling to Europe in transit

Europe has solved the problem of gas shortages: a country friendly to the Russian Federation will provide record deliveries

YLE: “Gazprom” began to burn gas that did not reach Europe

Abnormal heat in Europe

Medvedev responded to Stoltenberg’s words about the “most dangerous moment” in Europe

Ukrainian refugees expressed dissatisfaction with working conditions in Europe

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Estonia proposed to completely close Europe to Russians

Bloomberg learned about Moscow’s plans to “continue pressure” on Europe for gas

German authorities compared the launch of Nord Stream 2 with the capitulation of Europe

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Poland has promised to create the strongest NATO ground forces in Europe