Biden predicted a difficult conversation with allies in Europe

El País learned about NATO’s plans for the largest deployment in Europe in 30 years

Russian gays were not allowed to gay parade in Europe

Europe is against Russia. Napoleon’s campaign was lost in advance?

The Hermitage announced a moratorium on exhibitions in the US and Europe

Biden promised Russia and Europe a terrible survival game

Sechin warned about the consequences of Europe’s “energy suicide”

Bloomberg reported on the use of winter gas reserves by Europe

What is the fastest supercomputer created in Europe?

Medvedev predicted the deepening of the energy crisis in Europe

Europe 1 learned about Macron’s plans to come to Kyiv and announce howitzers

The head of the European Commission called the moral duty of Europe to restore Ukraine

The Council of Europe announced the debt of Russia for €74 million in compensation to the ECtHR

The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of T-72 tanks from Europe on the outskirts of Kyiv

Lavrov announced the emergence of “new poor” in Europe and the fall in living standards

TASS learned about the interest of the security forces in Chubais’ “hidden accounts” in Europe

The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of equipment from the US and Europe near Zhytomyr

CNN announced US intention to leave 100,000 troops in Europe

The Pentagon announced the rotation of US troops in Europe

Media: 20 companies in Europe opened accounts with Gazprombank to pay for gas

Serbia to convene Security Council over Kosovo’s bid to join the Council of Europe

Lavrov said that Russia does not want war in Europe

US, EU and Britain suspected Russia of cyberattacks on Europe

The Foreign Ministry said they do not plan to close Russian embassies in Europe

Macron called for the return of food independence to Europe

The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of weapons from the US and Europe near Kharkov

Bloomberg: EU plans to ban Russians from real estate transactions in Europe

General who studied Russia will become the new commander of NATO forces in Europe

Summer month May. Vilfand about the upcoming summer, crop prospects and floods