American veterans urged to block the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

The US Senate approved the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

Finland names six options for restricting Russian tourism

Medvedev promised a symmetrical response to Finland’s accession to NATO

The main parties in Finland supported the refusal to issue visas to Russians

Erdogan reminded Sweden and Finland about the conditions for NATO membership

Finland says there are no plans to stop issuing visas to Russians

The number of people crossing the border between Russia and Finland has reached a pre-Covid level

Zakharova responded to Finland’s decision to make a fence on the border with Russia

Canada is the first to ratify the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO

The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO brought Russia serious risks

Negotiations on Finland’s accession to NATO concluded in Brussels

Named the probability of deploying NATO nuclear weapons in Sweden and Finland

Turkey scared Sweden and Finland: non-compliance with the deal will be expensive

Biden sent a report to Congress on the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

Erdogan called on Finland and Sweden not to delay the fulfillment of promises

Erdogan’s intentions to again block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO weighed

The Foreign Ministry called the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO the saddest episode

Erdogan listed the promises of Sweden and Finland for NATO membership

Putin said that Russia has no problems with Sweden and Finland in NATO

Sweden and Finland received an invitation to join NATO

The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO returned the Baltic to the “pre-Petrine times”

Medvedev: Ukraine in NATO is more dangerous for Russia than Finland and Sweden

Medvedev considered that Sweden and Finland as part of NATO do not threaten Russia

Turkey announces new NATO summit with Finland and Sweden

Finland to lift restrictions on visa applications from 1 July

Turkey rejects NATO mediation in talks with Finland and Sweden

Stoltenberg was surprised by the position of Turkey on the membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO

NATO rejects deadline to host Sweden and Finland at Madrid summit

Finland rules out NATO membership without Sweden