Finland will ban the entry and transit of Russians on the Schengen of any country

Finland has reduced the number of tourist visas for Russians

The Prime Minister of Finland announced the transition to a “war economy”

Expedition to the Russian Islands of the Gulf of Finland

Russian Islands in the Gulf of Finland. What is the secret of these “slots of land”?

In the scandalous parties of the Prime Minister of Finland, they discerned the “Russian trace”

Sweden and Finland did not extradite any promised terrorist to Ankara

Blinken handed over documents on the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO

Finland allowed the creation of a humanitarian visa for Russians

Finland will reduce the number of visa applications from tourists from Russia by 10 times

Finland and Estonia are discussing the creation of a joint missile defense system

Tallinn offered Helsinki to block the Gulf of Finland for Russian ships

Turkey accuses Sweden and Finland of not fulfilling NATO promises

Finland threatens holders of Finnish visas for traveling to Europe in transit

American veterans urged to block the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

The US Senate approved the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

Finland names six options for restricting Russian tourism

Medvedev promised a symmetrical response to Finland’s accession to NATO

The main parties in Finland supported the refusal to issue visas to Russians

Erdogan reminded Sweden and Finland about the conditions for NATO membership

Finland says there are no plans to stop issuing visas to Russians

The number of people crossing the border between Russia and Finland has reached a pre-Covid level

Zakharova responded to Finland’s decision to make a fence on the border with Russia

Canada is the first to ratify the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO

The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO brought Russia serious risks

Negotiations on Finland’s accession to NATO concluded in Brussels

Named the probability of deploying NATO nuclear weapons in Sweden and Finland

Turkey scared Sweden and Finland: non-compliance with the deal will be expensive

Biden sent a report to Congress on the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

Erdogan called on Finland and Sweden not to delay the fulfillment of promises