Spiegel learned that the CIA informed the Federal Republic of Germany about possible attacks on gas pipelines

Germany set a goal to again receive gas from Russia after a military operation

Germany’s cost to rescue gas giant Uniper was estimated at €29 billion

Zelensky linked Germany’s refusal to supply weapons to the “Nazi past”

The ambassador accused Germany of crossing the red line due to the supply of weapons to Kyiv

Die Welt learned about the refusal of Germany to send German tanks to Ukraine

Germany filled gas storage facilities by 85%

Germany’s opposition leader warns of blackouts in the country this winter

Poland demanded more than a trillion euros in war reparations from Germany

Bloomberg learned about the idea of ​​Germany and France to teach Russians media literacy

France and Germany will support the continuation of the issuance of EU visas to Russians

Germany promised to help Ukraine as much as needed

Ukrainian Defense Minister asks Germany for Leopard tanks

Trudeau and Scholz agreed to supply hydrogen to Germany from 2025

Panic broke out in Germany over news of the suspension of Nord Stream

Ukraine to buy 255 high-precision Vulcano projectiles from Germany

Germany will give Ukraine 2 thousand missiles and 20 installations for them

Germany to give Ukraine 20 rocket launchers

Portugal, following Germany, opposed the ban on the entry of Russians into the EU

Shops in Germany are going to be banned from opening their doors for a long time

Analysts from Germany said that the EU for the first time did not give military promises to Kyiv

Germany filled gas storage facilities by 75% ahead of schedule

DWN reports failure of Germany’s attempt to negotiate gas from Qatar

Reuters reports first US oil tanker arrives in Germany

Germany has not received a single report from the Russians who fell under the sanctions

Taiwan’s ambassador to Germany urges Bundestag delegation to visit island

Germany warns of the threat of closing the Rhine to shipping due to drought

The Prime Minister of Saxony spoke about the “bitter truth” for Germany because of Russian gas

CNN learned about Moscow’s request to include Krasikov, convicted in Germany, in exchange