Spiegel learned about the “stuck” negotiations between Germany and Poland on tanks

Welt reported that Kuleba “lost his temper” in a conversation with the Minister of Germany

The Minister of Germany said that he was “politically open” to the idea of ​​arresting the assets of the Central Bank

Lavrov announced the “loss of signs of independence” of Germany under Scholz

Russian Ambassador to Germany expressed hope for the launch of Nord Stream 2

The Russian Embassy announced a decrease in cases of discrimination against Russians in Germany

Germany warns of increase in gas prices due to Russia’s retaliatory sanctions

Scholz said that Russia forced Germany to supply weapons to Ukraine

Reuters reported on the preparation of Germany’s plan in the event of a Russian shutdown of gas

Germany warns of worst famine since World War II

The President of Germany spoke about a “nightmare” instead of a dream of a “European home”

Welt reported that Germany did not have ammunition for the tanks promised to Kyiv

Ambassador criticized Germany’s “sluggish policy” towards Ukraine

Germany sues Italy at UN over Nazi damage dispute

The United States began to train the Ukrainian military in the handling of armored vehicles in Germany

Politico learned that Germany supported the ban on imports of uranium from Russia

Reuters learned about Germany’s intention to transfer self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

Weapons from Germany for Ukraine turned out to be with a lot of flaws

Poland announced exercises and movement of equipment near the borders with Ukraine and Germany

Media: Gazprombank did not accept payments for gas in rubles for Austria and Germany

Germany called the conditions for the imposition of an embargo on Russian oil

Scholars and politicians in Germany urged to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine

Switzerland refused Germany to supply ammunition to Ukraine

In London, they started talking about sanctions against Germany, which receives gas from Russia

Yakunin denied his departure to Germany and demanded an apology from Zyuganov

Ombudsman of Germany spoke out against the boycott of Russian culture and art

140 cases opened in Germany due to support of Russian special operation

Germany promised to increase military aid to Ukraine

Germany increased military spending by €2 billion to help Ukraine

Germany will increase the defense budget to help Ukraine