Court in Moscow arrests blogger Veronika Belotserkovskaya in absentia

Significant social projects. Winners of the Internet Content Award will be awarded in Moscow

Moscow will take patronage over Donetsk and Lugansk

Vucic declared resistance to sanctions against Moscow “as much as he can”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the closure of the office of the Canadian CBC TV channel in Moscow

Embassy of Poland in Moscow doused with red paint

The WHO European Office will study the issue of closing the organization’s office in Moscow

A rehearsal of the Victory Parade with participants in the operation in Ukraine took place in Moscow

The US Embassy in Moscow advised Americans not to attend May 9 parades

Putin told Macron that Moscow is open to dialogue with Kyiv

The Ministry of Emergency Situations issued a warning about strong winds in Moscow

Turkish Foreign Ministry announces Bolsonaro’s readiness to come to Moscow with Erdogan

What is known about the cancellation and delay of a dozen flights at Moscow airports?

Belarusian veterans invited to Moscow for Victory Day

Rus and goose for 1.5 kopecks. What adventures experienced prices in different centuries

Up to +10 °C is expected in Moscow on the afternoon of April 30

Zakharova called fake reports of Western media about the nuclear threat from Moscow

Up to nine degrees Celsius expected in Moscow on Thursday

What kind of reconciliation services will appear in the capital’s schools?

Podolyak announced the work on the legal registration of the positions of Kyiv and Moscow

Moscow to introduce electronic voter list

The plane with the pilot Yaroshenko landed in Moscow

Moscow is ready to study UN initiatives “to alleviate the suffering of Ukrainians”

What will the weather be like in Moscow for the first May holidays?

Erdogan promised to call Putin on the day of the visit of the UN Secretary General to Moscow

Guterres named the topics of negotiations in Moscow and Kyiv