Russia announced the preparation by Kyiv of a provocation with “wandering mortars”

Blinken said that Ukraine “will not exist” if Russia refuses to resist

Nebenzya promised to export 25 million tons of grain from Russia

Truss rejected the British desire for a change of power in Russia

Russia to work on resuming flights with Georgia

Klishas announced the failure of the import substitution program in Russia

Russia decides to expel five diplomats from Portugal

Media: McDonald’s in Russia can be bought by a relative of Nazarbayev or an oilman from Siberia

Khusnullin: Zaporozhye NPP will work for Russia, but is ready to supply electricity to Ukraine

Foreign Ministry demanded from Slovenia to reduce the number of diplomats in Russia

The Bundestag stripped ex-Chancellor Schroeder of part of the privileges for ties with Russia

Beijing called on NATO and the EU for a comprehensive dialogue with Russia

Lukashenko announced the purchase of Iskander and S-400 missiles from Russia

G7 countries will create a “grain” alliance against Russia

It became known who will be the owner of the McDonald’s business in Russia

Senator Klishas said that the import substitution program in Russia has failed

The French Foreign Ministry said that NATO and the EU do not want to fight with Russia

UN Secretary General urged to allow products and fertilizers from Russia to world markets

The European Commission has presented a new plan to phase out energy from Russia

Borisov announced the use of laser weapons by Russia in Ukraine

The President of Estonia called impossible the complete isolation of Russia

State Duma deputy proposed to change the flag of Russia

Peskov urged to call countries unfriendly to Russia hostile

The Kremlin announced the comfort and security for Russia in the post-crisis world

Peskov said that the West is annoying “the very existence” of Russia

In Latvia, a businessman was convicted on charges of spying for Russia

Russia has notified the Council of the Baltic Sea States of its withdrawal

Euractiv announced the approaching limit of EU sanctions against Russia