Borrell invited the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to Brussels for talks

The United States appreciated the role of Russia in the aggravation between Kosovo and Serbia

The gun on the wall shoots twice: why Serbia and Kosovo will never reconcile

The State Duma commented on the aggravation of the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo

Serbia announced the transfer of Pristina forces to the north of Kosovo

Kosovo and Serbia are on the verge of military conflict. What is important to know

President Vucic said the Kosovo Army will attack Serbia at midnight

Serbia reacted to Croatia’s refusal to let Vucic into the Jasenovac camp

The Cabinet of Ministers of Russia approved the draft agreement with Serbia on flight safety

The government approved the draft agreement with Serbia on flight safety

BTV learned about the detention in Serbia of the ex-general of the SBU for currency smuggling

Deputy Prime Minister announced the difficult situation of Serbia due to the visit of Lavrov

Refusal to let the plane with Lavrov to Serbia linked with Scholz

Croatian PM urges Serbia to ‘not sit on two chairs’ over Russia

Vucic announced requests to cancel Lavrov’s visit to Serbia

Interfax announced the cancellation of Lavrov’s visit to Serbia

Serbia announces ban on Balkan countries to let Lavrov’s plane through

Vučić said that Serbia has no anti-Western or Russophobic course

Serbia to convene Security Council over Kosovo’s bid to join the Council of Europe

Vučić says Putin’s words about Kosovo complicated Serbia’s position

SCMP: China secretly delivered the latest anti-aircraft missile systems to Serbia

Will Vucic betray Russia: how is the President of Serbia blackmailed

Serbia will ask the Russian Federation and NATO on the incident with the fighter and the liner

Vučić explained Serbia’s vote for suspending Russia’s membership in the UNHRC

Pro-Russian politicians win elections in Hungary and Serbia

Hungary and Serbia make a choice between the EU and Russia

Putin promised Vucic that Serbia will have enough gas in winter

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