WSJ learned about US plans to lift sanctions from Minsk in exchange for grain transit

Moscow State Duma decided to change the address of the US embassy to the square of the Defenders of Donbass

Venezuela confirms the lifting of US sanctions on the work of oil workers in the country

CNN learned about the development of US and EU routes for the export of Ukrainian grain

Biden decided to send US troops to Somalia

In Chechnya, they announced the death of seven US citizens in a special operation in Ukraine

Antonov announced US plans to limit the use of Sarmat missiles

Biden announced his intention to cut the US budget deficit by $1.5 trillion

The Pentagon announced the rotation of US troops in Europe

WP learns about US development of guidance on intelligence sharing with Ukraine

Medvedev warned about “hunters to share” $ 40 billion in US aid to Ukraine

Bulgaria agrees to buy LNG from the US at prices lower than those of Gazprom

US will give Ukraine a second batch of Mi-17 helicopters

The Ministry of Defense announced the destruction of weapons from the US and Europe near Kharkov

Washington Post learned about US purchases of new types of weapons for Ukraine

US to supply 25,000 artillery shells and radars to Ukraine

CNN learned about the transfer of US data to Kyiv on the location of the cruiser Moskva

Russian embassy urges US to redirect ‘irrepressible energy’

US allowed deals with Gazprom Germania until the end of September

Congress submitted a resolution on the involvement of the US military in Ukraine

Georgia urges US to increase its political support

FT reports talks between the US and Britain on the “Chinese threat” to Taiwan

FT learned about the discussion in China of protecting foreign assets from US sanctions

Lavrov called on the US and NATO to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine

The State Department confirmed the return of US diplomats to Lviv

Biden nominated ambassador to Slovakia to head US diplomatic mission in Ukraine

What kind of multi-purpose UAV MQ-9 Reaper is the US going to put in Ukraine?

Bloomberg learned about US plans to impose sanctions against Abramovich

US citizen Gonzalo Lira fell into the hands of “Azov” and disappeared

US imposes visa restrictions against more than 600 Russians